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EvilToys, Unlimited

Custom BDSM & Fetish Furniture for the Well Equipped Dungeon


Stocks & Pillories

Stockades can be designed in a various ways, so choose which part of the sub do you wish to torture? For Feet a bench stockade or loose stocks. For the buttocks a low Stockade works best, for flogging the back & shoulders try a higher freestanding Pillory.

Hanging Wrist Stock | These Stocks are designed to leave the the sub with their wrist above their head and suspended from the ceiling. Or maybe be used in place of handcuffs. (Photo coming soon)
Floor Stock | This stock is designed to have the sub on the floor with their Wrist & Ankles restrained. Caution if your sub can not touch their toes this may not be the stock to use.
Low Stockade | Shown with Ankle locks, this set of stocks leaves the sub vulnerable to whatever you want, while bent at the waist, allowing both the mouth and butt to be available for use. Can also be done with kneeling platform. 52” x 36” x 42” (length x width x height)
Pillory | This set of stocks leaves the sub vulnerable to whatever you want, in a semi standing position, leaving the back & buttocks for flogging or canning.
Shoulder Pillory | This Heavy Pillory is designed to sit on the shoulders of the sub, can also be suspended from above to keep the weight off the shoulders.

I could Spend my Life in this Sweet Surrender! - AeroSmith