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EvilToys, Unlimited

Custom BDSM & Fetish Furniture for the Well Equipped Dungeon

Attitude Adjusters

Our Big Ass Paddles only come in three solid colors, Black, Red, & Blue. The Sissy paddle is only available in Hot Pink. The Brutal Paddle will leave marks and is only available in Black. Please Note the Fur is Real Rabbit Fur on our Fur Covered Paddles. All styles are well suited to warm your sub's bottom. The Attitude Adjuster will bring your sub to attend your every word.

Get Your Body Beat

Big Ass Paddle | These 9 inch across Paddles have a huge surface area and are solid enough to leave a lasting impression.
Big Sissy Paddle | This paddle will be felt right through that diaper. Available in Hot Pink only.
Brutal Paddle | This Heavy Paddle has a lasting impression and is solid enough to Guaranteed to adjust the attitude of any sub. Available in Black Only.
Sand & Fur Paddle | Large Paddle with Sand Paper on one side and Real Fur on the other.
1500 volt+ Attitude Adjuster | Guaranteed to adjust the attitude of the most difficult sub. (Style of handle may vary from shown)